television – writing

Blood Sisters Netflix drama- episodes one and two (Ebony Life Studios)

Briefs a new legal telenovela for SABC. Head writer with Zelipa Zulu. (The Bomb Shelter)

Shaka Ilembe Mnet Drama script editor 13 episodes (The Bomb Shelter)

Castle & Castle Nigerian legal series 13 x 1-hour storylines. (Ebony Life Studios )

Rhythm City  ETV daily drama/ twelve years- writer/ storyliner +- 350 x 30 mins . (Quizzical pictures)

Nigeria 2099 Drama – One-hour Pilot  and season outline (Ebony Life Studios)

Beneath True crime drama – One-hour Pilot and season outline.(  Ochre Pictures)

Shadows  Drama- One-hour pilot and season outline.

Devil’s Town  Drama- One-hour pilot and season outline. (Ochre Moving Pictures)

Midlands Drama – One-hour pilot and season outline. (Ochre Pictures)

Sorted SABC improvisational comedy series 2x 13 eps. Nominated for international Emmy Award. (Tom Pictures)

Hope Drama series –4 x 1 hour episodes. (Rififi Pictures)

Soul Buddyz  SABC Children’s educational drama- 2 series 26 eps.

Gazlam SABC Drama- three episodes. ( Ochre Moving Pictures)

Not Quite Friday Night SABC Sketch comedy 26 eps -2 seasons

Scoop Schoombie ETV sitcom 8 episodes. (Penguin Films)

television – directing

Not Quite Friday Night  SABC Sketch comedy 26 eps 2 seasons

Scoop Schoombie   ETV Sitcom – 35 episodes  (Penguin Films)

Sorted  SABC improvisational comedy series  18 episodes.  Nominated for international Emmy Award. (Tom Pictures)